Welcome to The Zen Psychedelic — a small corner of the digital world dedicated to the exploration and appreciation of Zen teachings and their intersection with psychedelics and consciousness.

I am not a Zen master, nor am I a scholar of Zen philosophy. I am merely a student who has found solace in the ideas stemming from Zen Buddhism and wish to share these ideas with others.

I publish an essay on the first Monday of every month and several much shorter “ponderings” that come up throughout the rest of the month.

I also collect Zen Koans, but do not publish via email. You can check out my list of koans here.

If there are topics you’d like me to cover, please email me at high@thezenpsychedelic.com

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Exploring the intersect between psychedelics & Zen Buddhism.


I write about Zen and psychedelics from an explorer's perspective, not a Zen master's.